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  • Reports

    The official section for players to report bugs, errors and others issues.
      1. Item Reports

        If you find an item is not working as intended, or wrong description, please make a report in this section.
      2. NPC Reports

        A NPC is broken? Stuck on a NPC dialog? A quest is not working as intended? Please report in this section if you find something wrong with any NPC ingame.
      3. Mob Reports

        Monsters behaving not as it should be? Look no further!and report it here!
        • No reports here yet
      4. Skill Reports

        If you find any wrong skill damage output or some skills are not working as official RisingStarRO, do not hesitate to make a report in this section.
        • No reports here yet
      5. Manner Reports

        This section is for player reports, if you find any player violating our server rules, please let us know. We will handle accordingly!
        • No reports here yet
      6. Manner Appeals

        This section is used for players who wants to appeal their penalty, players may provide explanation or evidence to reduce or remove penalty.
        • No reports here yet
      7. Wiki Reports

        Wrong text? Typo on our wiki? Or outdated information on our Wiki? Report them here!
        • No reports here yet
      8. Client Reports

        Having issues with sprites, unreadable text or other client related issues? Report them here!
        • No reports here yet
  • ūüďĆStatus Definition


    Pending for verification, or required more information.


    Issue has been resolved and effective after upcoming Patch.


    Invalid issues, or failed to replicate the issue.

    ūüíįBug Report Reward Program

    • Critical Bugs¬†= 10.000¬†Cash Points
      • This is type of bugs that gives infinite items, exp or duplicate items.
      • REPORT with Private Message!
    • Serious Bugs¬†= 5000 Cash Points
      • This is type of bugs that crashes server, skill bugs or other item bugs that gives unfair advantage, example skill hits 10000000 dmg.
    • Neutral Bugs¬†= 1000¬†Cash Points
      • This is type of bugs that quest is stuck, or NPC dialog stuck, or other minor stuff that doesn't generally disturb the game balance.
    • Small Bugs¬†= 100¬†Cash Points
      • This is type of bugs such as typo in description.

    How to claim? 

    • Simply contact Anthem in discord and link him your report.
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